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Digital Theodolite
Sokkia DT-210

– Pembacaan : 1 ”
– Ketelitian : 2 ”
– Pembesaran Lensa : 30x
– Display : 2 Muka

Digital Theodolite
Sokkia DT-510

– Pembacaan : 5 ”
– Ketelitian : 5 ”
– Pembesaran Lensa : 30x
– Display : 2 Muka

Digital Theodolite
Sokkia DT-610

– Pembacaan : 5 ”
– Ketelitian : 7 ”
– Pembesaran Lensa : 26x
– Display : 1 Muka

What’s in the Box:
•    Digital theodolite Sokkia DT 510
•    Rambu ukur / leveling staff
•    Allumunium tripod

Sokkia Digital Theodolite DT 510
Theodolit Digital Sokkia

Sokkia’s market-proven advanced encoders, which utilize RAB (RAndom Bi-directional) code and digital sampling technology, further enhance the reliability of angle measurement. DT210 guarantees 2″ accuracy, DT510/DT510A ensure 5″ accuracy and DT610-7″ for both horizontal and vertical angles.

Ultra-long working hours

With Sokkia’s new algorithm in operating absolute encoders, power consumption has been dramatically reduced. Powered by 2 standard LR14/C alkaline batteries, the DT210 and DT510 will operate for 75 hours, while the DT510A and DT610 will work for an astonishing 110 hours.

Easy-to-read, easy-to-use control panels

A large LCD screen provides clear angle readings under all conditions, and thanks to simple 4-key operation no training is required. The DT210 and DT510 have control panels on both faces for added convenience.

Dual-axis compensator

The DT210/DT510 automatically compensate both Vertical and Horizontal angles by monitoring the tilt of instrument in X&Y two directions.

Audible right-angle notification

Once the zero(0) horizontal angle direction is determined, all models emit audible tones for each of the four right-angle directions. Specifically, it sounds two different tones within ±15° of 90° and stops beeping when it comes within ±1°.


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Contact Person ( 24hours ) :
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